My Go To Spots.

I am constantly going back and forth from San Marcos to Orange County, when I find a good lunch spot I usually start to crave it… all the time.

My current go to spots are:

Active Culture in San Clemente

I have been getting Active once a week for around two months now because it was close to an internship that I had in San Clemente. You could say I am obsessed. Active is great because they offer so many healthy options and have a wide variety of bowls, breakfasts, and specialty items. Annnddd…they offer half off froyo every Friday after 3pm!

My Order:

SC Rice Bowl: Organic brown rice, prosciutto, goat’s milk cheese, apples, dates, basil, lemon vinaigrette

Perks Coffee House in  San Marcos

I have known about Perks since I started school in San Marcos, but this semester it has become one of my new study spots.  My friends and I have a few long breaks between classes and we come to Perks religiously. They have a great atmosphere for studying and getting your to do list done! They also offer many delicious breakfast/lunch options.

My  Food Order:

Rise-N-Shine Breakfast Sandwich: eggs, your choice of meat, cheese, on a croissant or a bagel


Oatmeal and a banana nut muffin

My Drink Order:

Cafe Viennese: espresso, steamed almond milk, crafted honey and cinnamon

If you haven’t been to either of these two place I highly recommend giving them a try!!Processed with VSCO with a4 preset



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