5 Best Gifts for the Boyfriend.

Coming from a family with three sisters it was kind of hard for me to think of gift ideas for Charlie, when we started dating. Now that we have been dating for so long I think that I have gotten much better at coming up with gift ideas. I used to use Pinterest constantly to search for ideas. Here are some of the best gifts that I have given Charlie that he loved (or told me he loved 😉 )

Christmas Gift

Monogrammed Cozy Robe & Mens UGG slippers: I purchased a navy blue mens robe at Nordstroms Rack and took it to T-shirt Cannery to have them monogram his name on the robe.  I ordered the mens UGG slippers online. We exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve so it was the perfect gift because he was able to wear them first thing Christmas morning.

Valentines Day Gift

A scrap book of pictures, old letters, tickets, and other memories: I bought an old book from an antique shop and decided to add in our pictures, old tickets to movies or events, and wrote letters and memories we have had on each of the pages. This is a unique gift because it wasn’t just a scrap book it looks like a normal antique book but when you flip through the pages it is all of our memories laid out in order. It is still special to us because Charlie has now written me notes in the book and we continue to add in all of our memories.

Birthday Gift

A Catalina Trip: for Charlie’s 21st birthday I booked us a trip to Catalina, which I talk about  in another post. A trip or an event, such as a concert or an amusement park is always a fun gift idea because it is something that you two can share together as well as always remember.

Off to college Gift

A basket filled with a framed picture of us, a candle, new sweat pants, snacks, and “open when…” letters. This is a gift idea that was fun and easy to make. I just went to Target and got a basket, some snacks, a candle, and a frame. I printed out a picture of us for the frame to go up in his college dorm room. The sweats were from PacSun. The “open when…” letters was an idea that I found on Pinterest, I had about 10 letters with a title on each envelope stating “Open when you miss me”, “Open when you need a good laugh”, “Open when you need motivation”, etc. Inside each one was a hand written letter about the topic. I think his favorite had to be the “Open when you’re hungry” and it was filled with Jersey Mikes free sub coupons.

Just because Gift

Italian leather wallet: When I was abroad I traveled around and shopped (mostly for myself 😉 ) in almost every country that I visited.  When I went to Florence, Italy I decided to buy Charlie a nice leather wallet and give it to him when he came to visit it me in Ireland, just as an ‘I missed you gift’!! He really liked it and appreciated it and he still uses it today!


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