April Focus: Change

I have seen many brands and blogs embrace something specific each month and I began to do this in my own life as well. I have been thinking about what I want my focus to be this April and came across some inspiration from College Fashionista. I decided to use their focus as my own. Change. So many people are afraid of change including myself. I tend to fall into patterns that feel comfortable and feel safe staying there.  This month I am challenging myself (and you all) to embrace the change this season.

With graduation right around the corner I am getting ready to start a new chapter in my life. I refuse to let myself be afraid of the unknown future and this month I am going to create new positive habits that I will be able to carry into the rest of the year. I think that it is so important to constantly be bettering yourself, whatever that might look like. I am going to take this Spring season of rebirth and make it an opportunity to grow physically and mentally.

Instead of freaking out, embrace these moments to turn all those dreams and little “somedays” into “todays.” Explore a new activity. Shed your fear and bust out of your proverbial shell. Make plans for the future. Grow and blossom.


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