How to make a perfect cheese board when you don’t know anything about cheese!

Cheese boards and wine are two of my favorite things, so one day I decided to create my own cheese board. Although it takes very little skill you feel so accomplished when your cheese board turns out looking top notch!!

Here are some of the basic tricks to making your cheese board look Pinterest worthy

Items that you need:

  1. Soft cheese
  2. Semi-soft cheese
  3. Semi-hard cheese
  4. Hard cheese
  5. Two types of fruit- I like apple and grapes on mine
  6. A kind of dip- orange fig spread, honey, or maybe even caramel
  7. Two to three types of meats
  8. Crackers or crusty bread

Extra special touch:

  1. A cute cutting board or a marble surface
  2. A flower or some kind of sweet personal touch!!

Spring-time Favorites

Here are 10 things that I have been obsessing over this April:

  1. CorePower Yoga
  2. Yellow Shoes
  3. Buying athleisure wear – target sports bra & freepeople movement collection
  4. Polka dots
  5. That ’70s show
  6. Lavender-vanilla scent
  7. Any shoe with a wooden heel
  8. Making my own cheese boards
  9. Essential Oils
  10. Pink Lady Apple Kombucha


What have you been obsessing over this season? Leave a comment below!!



My Go To Spots.

I am constantly going back and forth from San Marcos to Orange County, when I find a good lunch spot I usually start to crave it… all the time.

My current go to spots are:

Active Culture in San Clemente

I have been getting Active once a week for around two months now because it was close to an internship that I had in San Clemente. You could say I am obsessed. Active is great because they offer so many healthy options and have a wide variety of bowls, breakfasts, and specialty items. Annnddd…they offer half off froyo every Friday after 3pm!

My Order:

SC Rice Bowl: Organic brown rice, prosciutto, goat’s milk cheese, apples, dates, basil, lemon vinaigrette

Perks Coffee House in  San Marcos

I have known about Perks since I started school in San Marcos, but this semester it has become one of my new study spots.  My friends and I have a few long breaks between classes and we come to Perks religiously. They have a great atmosphere for studying and getting your to do list done! They also offer many delicious breakfast/lunch options.

My  Food Order:

Rise-N-Shine Breakfast Sandwich: eggs, your choice of meat, cheese, on a croissant or a bagel


Oatmeal and a banana nut muffin

My Drink Order:

Cafe Viennese: espresso, steamed almond milk, crafted honey and cinnamon

If you haven’t been to either of these two place I highly recommend giving them a try!!Processed with VSCO with a4 preset